So, you want to know all about me? Well, here I am! Like the title says I am a single mom. But, I am also an adventurer, traveler, and amateur photographer. My full time job title is Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, and Classified/Legal Ad Clerk. I work at my local newspaper. It’s a small one but an informative one. I love my job and my family. But, I do have a gypsy soul and it’s hard for me to stay in one place for too long. I’m always planning my next adventure. Whether it’s to the local hiking trail or to another country!


The travel bug bit me when I graduated high school in 2001….man that seems ages ago. I had gone a few places while in school, but when I graduated I took a trip out to the Oregon coast and I fell in love. When you get to spend your 18th birthday eating in the same hotel where they filmed the Shinning and then get to play in the snow on Mount Hood….it really inspires you to adventure more. I don’t think of myself as a tourist. I really don’t like that word honestly. Please whatever you do in life DON’T be a tourist. Be a traveler.

Over the years I’ve been many places. Some inspired me and others not as much. Don’t get me wrong…I love every place I’ve been. It’s just there are some places that leave a mark on your soul and then there are others that only touch the surface. Just to name a few of the places I’ve been: Mississippi (obviously this is where I am from), Texas, Louisiana….well let’s just say most of the southern states, Iowa, Chicago, Washington D.C., Oregon, Northern California, Florida (I’m a Disney nerd and proud of it!), Colorado, and South Carolina I’ve not been to every state but I will one day! I have even been out of the country a few times 😉 Germany, Paris, Rome, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, and The Bahamas.

I haven’t been everywhere yet but it’s on my list! 🙂