A Weekend Adventure

Here I am, it’s Sunday and I’m busy around the house cooking and cleaning. Just doing my usual Sunday stuff. Yesterday, however, was a different story. The little Ginger and I had a little adventure. I knew we had to go to Hattiesburg to return G’s flute. (If you don’t know what that’s about, check out my post on Bullying.) I wasn’t really sure what we were going to do after that. We originally were going to go for a hike on the Long Leaf Trace. The little Ginger didn’t feel like hiking, so we compromised and hit the zoo.

Before we went to our favorite stomping grounds the Hattiesburg Zoo, we grabbed a bite to eat. Every time we go up to Hattiesburg we pass this place called Ed’s Burger Joint, and we always say we need to eat there. Well, apparently yesterday was that day. The place looked like a cool place to eat. But, what made it even cooler is that it is pet friendly! G and I were happy knowing that if we decided to take Echo to Hattiesburg with us we could eat there. I didn’t really get any pictures of the place. ( I know shame on me!) But, I did snap a photo of my burger.


I had a bacon cheeseburger with fries. The bun was baked fresh that morning from a bakery across the street from Ed’s. The burger had TWO patties and double the cheese and bacon. I couldn’t fit my mouth around the burger it was so big! Not only was it large (way more than I can eat) but, it was also delicious. The fries were pretty good too. The little ginger had a grilled chicken salad. Her food was also too much for her to eat all of it. That salad was pretty darn big. Since G has food allergies, they were very accommodating for her, and made sure her food was prepared away from nut contaminants. I have to say Ed’s is probably our new fav place to eat in Hattiesburg and we will definitely be visiting it again.

Once we had our bellies full we braved the traffic and made it to the zoo. When we got there, it didn’t seem like there were many people. But. it turns out it was pretty busy inside.  Poor G who suffers from anxiety wanted to leave almost right away. I told her no, we payed our money and we are going to stick with it. We ended up having good time after all! We tried our best to enjoy our time walking around visiting our favorite animals. There was one animal in particular I could definitely relate to that day. It was turning out to be a pretty hot day.


After the zoo we would normally head home. But, there was a new place I had been seeing on Facebook that I wanted to check out. So G and I set out in search of a place called The Lucky Rabbit. I wasn’t really sure what to expect to be honest. When we got there we had to find a place to park. There aren’t many parking spots in that part of town it would seem. The Lucky Rabbit was hosting an outside flea market that day and G and wandered around that for a while. We finally made our way inside the actually store. We were not prepared for what we were about to see.


First there were tons of people milling about searching through all of the goodies. This place is basically a massive indoor upscale flea market. There were so many goodies, handmade, old, and new. I think we spent a good couple of hours just walking through checking things out. We didn’t even see everything! I was excited to see things from my childhood. In the end I ended up buying an Aloe plant (we named him Jack). By the time we walked through the whole place we were pretty pooped and ready to go home. We will definitely be back, I think it will be a great place to buy Christmas gifts.


On the way back home, we passed several little art festivals along the way. I would say Hattiesburg, Ms is a great place to be these days. There are so many things to do and enjoy. I think the little Ginger and I will be spending more time up there from now on. We had a great time Saturday and cant wait to do it again!

(Disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of these places. I am simply putting in a link in case you are interested in checking them out. I would not promote anything unless I thought it was worth promoting.)

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