School’s Out For Summer

Hello world! It’s been a little while hasn’t it? I know shame on me for not keeping y’all updated. Life has been BUSY! But, now that school is over, I can devote more time to writing and fun things! The little ginger is happy to be out of school but, she already misses her friends. It is going to be a struggle to keep her occupied this summer but, I’m going to do my best. Today is actually her second day of no school. She’s not too bored yet but I have a feeling I will be hearing those dreaded words, ” I’m Bored” soon. I don’t have any plans set in stone yet so we will see where the wind blows us this summer.


We are actually starting out our summer with another member added to our family. A few weeks ago (the beginning of May), the little ginger and I decided to adopt a dog. We were looking for an adult, calm, well mannered dog. One that would fit seamlessly into our life. What we got was a young, hyper, very little mannered dog! I can honestly say it has been a struggle already. We are coping as best we can. We searched and searched the animal shelter until we met our Echo. His name was Jessie but of course we felt that just didn’t fit him. Even with all of his flaws he is an amazing dog, and I know with  A WHOLE LOT of patience, and time he’s going to be even better. Shelter dogs have their problems. Obviously there is a reason that most of them are there. I am a HUGE Adopt Don’t Shop advocate. One of our cats is adopted. There are so many animals that need good loving homes. I just wish I could do more.


Echo is a hound mix, we are guessing a blue tick/walker hound. He loves everyone, cat, dog, person….EVERYONE! He is starved for attention and lacks basic manners. Though he sits well for treats and has recently learned to shake. We are currently working on wait and leave it as well. His biggest problem though is jumping. We just can’t seem to break him of it. I know we’ve only had him a few weeks and it takes time for him to unlearn a behavior. If you have ANY suggestions on how to break him from jumping I am open to them. We have definitely got our work cut out for us. But, I refuse to give up on him. Someone else already has and it would break my heart to do that to him again.


I will be on the lookout for dog and child friendly events in South Mississippi, this summer. If you hear of any please let me know. Echo needs lots of socialization and I need to keep the little ginger busy. If you want to keep up with Echo’s progress you can find him on Instagram

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