Feels Like Coming Home

Have you ever been somewhere, that just “feels like home”, but isn’t actually your home? In fact it’s not even on the same continent that you were born onto. It’s a strange feeling I can tell you that. A place that feels familiar even though you’ve never stepped foot anywhere near it. I had that same strange feeling while visiting my friends in England. It was as if I had been there before, like I was coming home.

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School’s Out For Summer

Hello world! It’s been a little while hasn’t it? I know shame on me for not keeping y’all updated. Life has been BUSY! But, now that school is over, I can devote more time to writing and fun things! The little ginger is happy to be out of school but, she already misses her friends. It is going to be a struggle to keep her occupied this summer but, I’m going to do my best. Today is actually her second day of no school. She’s not too bored yet but I have a feeling I will be hearing those dreaded words, ” I’m Bored” soon. I don’t have any plans set in stone yet so we will see where the wind blows us this summer.

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