We’re Older Not Dead

I know I usually write about my trips and the things that happen on them. But, today I’m going to write about something different. It’s something that has been bothering me for a long time. So, here it goes!

I keep seeing blog posts, ads, and such that go something like this: ” The top so and so places to visit in your 20s”. Or my favorite: “The 10 top places to see before you turn 30”. Now I understand that may be their niche. That those blogs are trying to target people in that age group. But, people in their 20s aren’t the only ones who are traveling. Here I am in my 30s…I think I’m actually due for a good mid-life crises to be honest. I feel like I am still in my prime. Actually, no, WE ARE still in our prime. We are wiser, kinder, and freer. I have never felt more myself than I do now.

I know plenty of people in my age group and older who are still out there traveling. Making this their lifestyle. We are the ones who are old enough to know better but still too young to care. Everyone is different, I get it, and everyone is in different places in their life. There are many people like myself making travel their life. It has taken me a long time to get here. But, I feel like I am right on time. I used to be confused and lost but, now I know I was just maturing. There are plenty of families who are on the road as well. In fact I have a friend who is planning on taking her kids out of public school, homeschooling them, and traveling the country. How awesome is that! What a great childhood those kids will have. Another friend and her husband are living that nomad life. They are also in their 30s.

Last year while in Dublin my friend Julie (who is in her 40s) and I stayed in a Hostel. The women who were in our room were MUCH younger than us. While there were a couple of girls who chatted with us about travels, some of the girls turned their noses up at us. Simply because we were older. I mean, who does that? We even tried to talk with them. But, they weren’t having it. I guess we weren’t good enough. I hate to tell them but one day they will be older. I just hope someone treats them kinder than they treated us.

Travel these days seems to be targeted exclusively to the young in age. These blogs who are only targeting the young just don’t know what they are missing out on. Most people who are older (over the age of 29) have more of a disposable income, are more settled in their career, and know more of what they want out of life. Sure a lot of us still want to travel cheaply (we aren’t crazy) but we have the money to spend on things we really want. So, next time you want to write a blog post on what you should do, or where you should go, in a certain age group, give us older folks little thought too. We might be older but we aren’t THAT old!


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