Thank Goodness For Good Friends

I have to say that I am pretty lucky in the friend department. I am lucky in that they are so giving, kind, generous and just all around amazing people. Some of these friends I only just recently met and I feel like I’ve known them for ages. Thanks to my friend Julie who I traveled to Ireland with I now have these amazing friends. They were friends of hers and they just welcomed me into their homes even though they didn’t really know me. Those are the kind of people you should keep around.


Our host Ryan drove us all over Northern Ireland and even helped me find the church of my ancestors in Ireland. God Bless him he had to put up with us for over a week! He welcomed us into his home even though he and Julie had only just met face to face and he had only just met me. I found the people of Ireland to be some of the nicest I have met in my travels. Quick to offer tea and a warm place to dry out after a day in the rain.

Our time in Ireland was filled with laughs and rain. On our busiest day we walked through the Dark Hedges, Walked around Dunluce Castle and hiked below it, hiked the longest hardest trail to the Giant’s Causeway, and our final stop was hiking to Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. We did all of this on the coldest rainiest day while we were there. Crazy Americans I know! It was so worth it though and if I had to do it over again, I don’t think I would do it any differently.


As you can see we had quite the adventurous day. If it weren’t for our friends and their wonderful hospitality this trip would not have been possible. I am very thankful for them and the opportunities they provided us.  I can’t wait to see how many more adventures I get to have with my new friends.

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