An Afternoon in Trim

In a previous post I talked about visiting my ancestor’s church and afterwards we decided to check out the town of Trim. I’m glad we did because I was starving! Before we grabbed a bite to eat though we took a stroll around the outside of Trim Castle. (My ancestors also owned this castle at one point) Sadly we didn’t make it in time to tour the castle. We got there just as they were closing the gates.




I would have liked to have gone in and toured the castle, but it just didn’t work out that way. So we made due with walking the path that goes alongside the castle and Boyne River. I wasn’t disappointed for long. With views like this how could I be. Plus a walk around is free!


After walking around we finally decided to grab a bite to eat. We decided on a little fish n chips shop close to the castle. I know eating at places close to tourist spots isn’t the best but by that point we were famished.

Once we were full we walked around a bit and checked out a few of the local shops and tourist spots. Had a nice little chat with the lady working the counter at one of the shops. Comparing newspapers, of course I had to buy one while I was there. Once we were done with food and shopping we headed back towards Northern Ireland and towards another castle our friend Ryan knew of. As always wait for another post on that adventure!

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