A Mountain, God, and Grandma

On our last full day in Northern Ireland we spent most of it on Slemish Mountain. This mountain is actually a plug from an ancient volcano. It is also the place where Saint Patrick found God. I can understand how Saint Patrick found God on this mountain. I can’t really describe exactly how I felt sitting on Slemish. It was one of the most peaceful moments of my life I do believe. I had tears in my eyes as I thought about how much my grandmother would have loved to be there.



Looking out at this view how could you not find God? It was a beautiful day and a great end to a wonderful first trip to Northern Ireland and Ireland. As I sat there soaking up the sun I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was to be right there in that moment. After hours soaking up the views and sun on Slemish (I ended up getting sun burned), we took a little road trip to the east coast of Northern Ireland. Now I don’t know the name of the little village we stopped at but I do know it was beautiful. We enjoyed driving along the coast and found a little roadside park to stop and snap some pictures.

Overall it was the BEST day I can remember. (Besides my 18th birthday Oregon trip) I felt like my grandma was with me on that mountain and so was God. I felt totally at peace even if I did get sun burned! Only I could get sun burned in Ireland haha!

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