Slippin’ n Slidin’

Our first FULL day in Northern Ireland we used to get our bearings and fight jet lag. They say the best way to combat jet lag is to get some sunshine. That’s kind of hard to do when you are in N. Ireland and it rains most of the time. Nevertheless we got out and tried to soak up as much sun as we could find. Lucky for us our host knew just where to take us to get some fresh air. The Crumlin Glen is a beautiful little hike. We were able to hike most of the trail. It was just long enough for us to adjust and get through that lingering jet lag from the day before.

(It was not an easy hike)
Even though it was a fairly clear day the banks of the creek were extremely muddy and difficult to navigate. Somehow I managed not to fall down while trying to get to the creek. This was only the start to slipping and sliding in the muddy trail.
(The first glimpse of the man mad waterfall)
(The man-made waterfall)
After stopping for a few minutes to take in the man-made waterfall we carried on down the trail. Slipping and sliding all the way! The trail follows the creek and we came across a few spots where it looked like people had themselves a good ole time.
(The second waterfall)
The next waterfall you come across is not man-made. I took many photos and a few videos of this one. Everything here is VERY green, it even smells green. I noticed that Northern Ireland has a lot of the plants we have here in south Mississippi. We soaked up the sights, sounds, and smells as we carried along on the trail.
(Another part of the creek)
(Took this from a bridge, unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the bridge itself)

(Half way up the stairs towards the end of the trail)

We finally made it to the end of the trail and what greeted us!?! These stairs! I didn’t know if I would make it as I was still suffering from a little jet lag. Poor Julie had to take a break about half way up.


We finally ALL made it up the stairs and headed towards the exit. It was a nice little trail and a great way to get acclimated to the N. Irish weather. I hope when I go back to N. Ireland (and I will go back) I can take my daughter to this nice little trail.

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