When Does Life Really Begin?

Hi! I’m glad you’ve stopped by, let me introduce myself. I am Alexis, a single mom who loves to travel. My current job and situation don’t allow me to travel as often as I would like. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy my job and all of its benefits. I have been working at the local newspaper for a couple of ¬†years now and I thoroughly enjoy it. How many other jobs could I take off pretty much whenever I need to, lets me bring my daughter to work if I need to, gives me paid holiday’s off, paid sick leave, and 2 weeks of vacation every year. It has taken me a long time to find a job like this. I couldn’t ask for much more.


BUT, I still feel chained to my job. I have a gypsy soul and staying in one place for too long is difficult. My family is here though, and they are my support. They don’t understand my wanderlust, but they do their best to support me in my endeavors. Next year will be my last time out of the country for a while. After that I will be saving for living around the world once my daughter is a bit older. I want her to experience the world and to see that there is more to it than what is happening ibn her own backyard.

So, here’s to beginning life and living it the way I want!

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